12 ga – 300 gr. Trophy Copper Sabot Slug – Federal Premium – 5 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 5 rounds per box
Manufacturer – Federal Premium
Load – 3″ 300 gr (11/16 oz) Trophy copper sabot slug
Rifled Shotguns only

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Federal’s 2012 introduction of the Trophy Copper Sabot Slug is the perfect load to take to the woods this Fall. This sabot slug, designed for rifled shotguns only, features a hard hitting 300 grain copper sabot slug flying out of the muzzle at 2,000 FPS.

This highly accurate sabot slug provides great terminal performance, minimal bullet drop, superb accuracy, and its recoil is similar to that of a 30-06. This two-piece sabot slug is externally skived with a polymer tip. Upon impact with a deer or other medium sized game, the slug quickly expands forming petals along the pre-skived slits to create a very large wound channel.

Deer hunting with a rifled shotgun presents a unique challenge compared to using traditional rifles. Federal’s sabot slug is up for the challenge!

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