12 ga – .65″ Round Ball over 6 #1 Buck Pellets – LE Multi Defense – Centurion – 250 Rounds” Ammo

Quantity – 10 rounds per box; 25 boxes per case
Manufacturer – Centurion
Load – 2-3/4″ .65″ Diameter Round Ball over 6 #1 Buck Pellets

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The Italians have always been innovators when it comes to shot shells and shotguns and this load is no different. Featuring a massive .65″ diameter round lead ball on top of 6 #1 buck pieces of shot, this load offers a premium tactical and/or defense load.

This is a full powered load and it offers longer range than a traditional Buck due to that the lead ball remains on target plus you get the added benefit of a higher chance of still hitting a target at longer ranges if you’re slightly off with the margin of error that the 6 smaller pellets provide.

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