12 Gauge – #2 Plated Steel Shot – Winchester DryLok Super Steel – 25 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 25 rounds per box
Manufacturer – Winchester DryLok Super Steel
Load – 3″ 1-1/4 oz #2 Shot

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12 Gauge Winchester DryLok Super Steel is the ammo you need for your next trip out to hunt waterfowl!

This ammo is made specifically with waterfowl hunting conditions in mind. If you’re caught in drenching rain, or drop your ammo in some water or perhaps the bottom of a duck boat, your ammo is protected with a lacquered primer and a water resistant wad. This ammo contains a 1 1/4 oz load of #2 plated steel shot, in a 3 inch shell. This is plenty to take down any goose or duck. With these shells at your side, you won’t have a problem bringing home all the birds you can. Stock up on enough of this great ammo to last the entire season!

Winchester has some of the best hunting ammunition on the market, including some very high quality and highly effective shotgun ammo. They have great traditional shotgun ammunition, as well as some innovative new shells, which push the limits of accuracy and lethality. You can’t go wrong with Winchester!

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