12 Gauge – 250 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 250 Rounds
Manufacturer – Fiocchi
Load – 2-3/4” 1-1/4oz. #7.5 Shot

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People understand the importance of stocking up on ammo like 223 and 9mm, but 12 Gauge upland game hunting loads are too often overlooked. Sure, self-defense is going to matter a lot during a crisis – but so is finding lunch. That’s why this case of Fiocchi High Velocity ammo is a good buy whether you’re hunting for sport or sustenance.

This shotshell is loaded with a heavy 1-1/4 ounce load of shot. That’s over the weight limit according to traditional trap and skeet rules, so it’s pretty much meant just for hunting. This shell’s also loaded to a 1,330 fps muzzle velocity, which is high so it’s going to kick. But #7.5 sure does hit hard when over 430 pellets are flying that fast!

#7.5 is a flexible shot size, good for partridge, grouse, and any other similarly sized birds. This particular shell’s shot is made of chilled lead, which is softer than usual so it can deform and tear out wider wound channels. Pretty lethal stuff if you happen to be a grouse.

Fiocchi’s American-made shotshells have the standard high-quality components: clean-burning powder, non-corrosive primers and reloadable plastic hulls with brass-plated heads for smooth extraction. Order a case and you’ll be ready – ready to shoot birds!

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