12 Gauge – 5 Rounds Ammo

Quantity- 5 Rounds per box
Manufacturer- Federal Premium
Load- 2-3/4″ 1 oz. Rifled Slug

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Federal’s TruBall technology makes these 12 gauge slugs some of the most accurate and terminally effective rounds available for duty use and home defense applications. Each of these cartridges is assembled using a high-brass head and moisture-resistant, 2-3/4 inch length hull that Federal rolls in their own factories. This particular TruBall Deep Penetrator load utilizes a one ounce lead slug with a rifled skirt and hollow-point nose. The projectile is backed by a polymer ball which is contained within a ribbed wad.

When fired, the wad collapses in order to absorb recoil while the ball is forced into the hollow underbelly of the slug; the ball’s presence prevents the slug’s skirt from folding inward and promotes uniform contact with the walls of a smoothbore barrel. During barrel travel, the wad mates to the flat, ringed rear of the slug and ensures that it exits the muzzle with equal contact on all sides. This results in remarkable accuracy and more immediate drops. Federal treats the lead slug to a hard copper-plating which resists deformation and slows the rate of expansion during target entry. This allows the slug to penetrate past thick protective layers and visit optimum damage to a threat.

Federal Premium is one of the most respected ammunition brands in the world and has nearly a century of experience to their name. Their Tactical Law Enforcement products are engineered for results and utilize only the best components.

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