12 Gauge – Buck – Fiocchi Law Enforcement Reduced Recoil – Plano Ammo Can – 80 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 10 Rounds per Box; 8 Boxes per Plano Ammo Can
Manufacturer – Fiocchi
Load – 2-3/4″ with 9 nickel-plated pellets – reduced recoil

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Fiocchi’s 12 Ga Law Enforcement Buckshot is now available in a portable Plano ammo can with 80 rounds per can.

This product is targeted at the law enforcement community as swat units don’t want to leave their buckshot stored in a vehicle that has wild temperature deviations sitting in the sun as this can deteriorate ammunition. Instead, this product comes in a fashion which is perfect for rapid deployments so that you can store it indoors and quickly grab it when the game is on the line.

This LE low recoil load allows LE operators to make quick successive shots with minimal muzzle rise ensuring subsequent shots are on target. This load is designed with nickel-plated pellets for less resistance in flight as well as higher velocities for increased energy downrange and improved performance on target. Plus, the pellets penetrate deeper which causes more damage to bones and vital organs.

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