410 Bore – #8 Shot – Fiocchi – 250 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 250 Rounds
Manufacturer – Fiocchi
Load – 3” 11/16oz. #8 Shot

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It’s funny to see how the 410 Bore has evolved over the years. At first it seemed strictly to be a garden gun, but when the big brains figured out how to turn it into a revolver it gradually became a glove box gun as well.

This 410 Bore ammo by Fiocchi definitely belongs in a garden gun. Loaded with 11/16 ounces of #8 shot, it’s a stellar choice for smaller birds like doves and pigeons. Have a nice bird feeder set up and sick of seeing “feathered rats” helping themselves to it? Send a volley of dove shot their way and they’ll wish they’d stayed in the city.

This shell’s 1,140 fps muzzle velocity is pretty zippy, too, so you can have a good time hunting doves and quail that have taken to wing. Fiocchi’s shot is of course hard enough to prevent mashing down under such intense pressure, and their consistent wad, primer, and propellant only contribute to this shell’s predictable and perfectly serviceable pattern. The old family company is based in Italy – the land of manicotti, as it’s known – yet every shotshell they sell in the land of burgers rolls out of their Ozark, MO factory.

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