410 Gauge – #6 Shot – PMC High Velocity Hunting Load – 250 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 25 rounds per box; 10 boxes per case
Manufacturer – PMC
Load – 2-1/2″ 1/#6 Shot

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You never hear about South Koreans having problems with their native upland game birds, do you? That’s because they’ve got exactly what it takes to keep such birds in their place thanks to PMC, which makes this high quality 410 Bore hunting shotshell.

This shotshell is loaded with a half ounce of #6 lead shot, .11” diameter pellets that excel at taking everything from grouse and partridge to chukker and squirrel — and even turkey on a very good day. This shell has got a 1,250 fps muzzle velocity to give its shot greater accuracy and energy to transfer on impact.

PMC’s vertical integration enables them to create all their rounds’ components from scratch. With such total control over quality, they make even patterning one-piece plastic wads, fast and clean burning propellant, and hulls which hold up even during the most trying pheasant hunts. Order up your case today!

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