9mm – 115 Grain FMJ – SIG Sauer Elite Ball – 1000 Rounds Ammo

Quantity – 200 rounds per box; 5 boxes per case
Manufacturer – SIG Sauer
Bullets – 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass

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Founded in Germany in 1976, SIG Sauer has managed to make a big name for themselves in relatively little time. If you’ve got a P365, use V-Crown ammo for self-defense, or just need to keep your skills nice and sharp at the pistol range, then this case of 9mm ammo is just what you’re looking for!

This round features a 115 grain FMJ bullet. Loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,185 fps, it delivers a snappy supersonic muzzle velocity followed up by a flat downrange trajectory. SIG loads this round to match the recoil, point of aim, and ballistics of their analogous 115 grain V-Crown load, although you’ll find it great for target practice no matter who makes your self-defense ammo.

Is the FMJ ideal for self-defense? No – you’d better employ a JHP or other type of expanding bullet for the job. But does the U.S. Army use FMJ ammo in combat, and for that matter could you as well? Yes and yes – which makes this case of 9mm ammo good to set aside for the dreariest kinds of scenarios.

SIG’s brass cases make this ammo even better for preppers. With their solid construction and uniform dimensions they will continue to feed and extract reliably even after they have been fired a few times. SIG’s non-corrosive Boxer primers are also handloader-friendly, and their clean burning propellant is gentle on handguns.

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